Stock market baby commercials

By: El-far Date: 23.05.2017

ETrade ETFC recently retired its long-running ad campaign featuring a talking baby boy telling people how easy it is to invest. There's even a web site marking the milestone, babyquits. Over the years, the baby, who was never given an official name, talked stocks and traded with everyone from other babies to cats.

The wee lad typically sat in a high chair and had a voiceover with a know-it-all attitude that Sheldon Cooper or Hermione Granger would probably envy.

stock market baby commercials

Characters -- all adults this time -- pose as astronauts, waiters, doctors and businesswomen and groove to a chorus of "That's why I'm type E. Kevin Spacey is going to be part of the second phase of the company's new ad campaign. It would be fun if he played a villain along the lines of Francis Underwood from "House of Cards" or spoiler alert!

But we're still not sure we get the whole Type E thing. It's supposed to be a play on the notion of a personality or blood type. Still, it's hard not to watch the commercial and wonder if you have to dance like a moron to invest in the market.

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stock market baby commercials

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stock market baby commercials

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