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The FaxPress eCopy Connector offers an ideal scan-to-fax integration solution for copiers, scanners and multifunction peripherals MFPs.

Paper documents scanned into the copier, scanner and MFP devices are converted immediately to electronic files and sent to the FaxPress for fax transmission. This chapter describes integration using the FaxPress eCopy Connector and eCopy ShareScan OP v2. For information on integrating eCopy ScanStation a component of the eCopy Suite with a FaxPress email gateway, refer to the FaxPress Email Gateways Guide. Supported Copier and MFP Devices. FaxPress integration with eCopy ShareScan OP v3.

FaxPress integration with eCopy ShareScan OP v2. A complete, up-to-date list of eCopy ShareScan OP supported devices is available on the web at:. The Configuration tab allows you to specify which ODBC phonebook and view will be accessible to users via the Connector user interface.

See Creating Corporate Phone Books for more information on integrating the FaxPress Phone Book with external databases. Implementing the FaxPress Connector.

Installation and Configuration Procedures. Required installation and configuration procedures for the FaxPress eCopy Connector include:. Installing the FaxPress eCopy Connector. Before installing the FaxPress eCopy Connector, make sure the FaxPress server is correctly installed and fully operational. To install the FaxPress eCopy Connector from the Castelle FaxPress CD-ROM, follow these steps:. If Autorun is disabled on your machine, and setup does not launch automatically, browse the CD-ROM and run Autorun.

If you intend to use Word for fax broadcasting, install the 9. Please note that the FaxPress 9. If the FaxPress client has previously been installed on the workstation, an additional screenshot will prompt you to either Install FaxPress Server, or its Add on Products.

In this case, choose the first option, Install the FaxPress Server. Configuring the FaxPress eCopy Connector. The Connector can be configured to run in either shared account mode or individual account mode. In shared account mode, all users share one account and are not prompted to log in.

Using the shared account mode requires a dedicated FaxPress account for the Connector. Either create a new FaxPress account or dedicate an existing one. See Creating User Accounts for more information. In the individual account mode, the copier, scanner or MFP prompts users to log into their own individual FaxPress accounts for faxing.

If more than one FaxPress or FaxPress server is active on the network, the ShareScan OP Administration utility will allow you to select the FaxPress server to use. The Connector can be configured to run in either the shared account or individual account mode. Shared account — In this mode, all users share one account. Users are not prompted to log in and do not have access to personal cover pages. To use this mode, leave the Enable User Authentication option unchecked.

Create an account on the FaxPress for the Connector. Enter the user name and password of this account in the User Name and Password fields, and click the Login button to verify that the Connector is able to successfully log in to the FaxPress. Be sure to click the Save button to save the configuration profile. Use the Default Cover Page field to specify a corporate cover page for the shared account.

Use the Phone Book View field to specify a r systematic trading book see Phone Book Integration for more info.

Bloomberg stock exchange symbols the Login button once before specifying the cover page and phone book. This will populate the Default Cover Page field with a list of available cover pages, and make the specified phone book accessible. Individual account — In this mode, users access their own personal accounts for faxing and are prompted to log in to scan and fax from the copier or MFP.

To use commodity course futures trading commission mode, select the Enable User Authentication option.

Sending Faxes From Copiers, Scanners and MFPs. The FaxPress Connector user interface provides convenient and user friendly touch-screen faxing. To send faxes from a copier, scanner or MFP using the FaxPress Connector, follow these steps:.

If the Connector is configured for individual account modeand you logged in using the Authentication interface, buy ecopy sharescan op administrator From field will display your FaxPress user name. If the Connector is configured for shared account modeand forexlive usd/jpy were automatically logged in to the system, the From field will by default display the FaxPress account name associated with the Connector.

In either case, the default From field information can be modified. Use the " - " button to remove recipient information, and use the Edit button to modify entries. Use the Phone Book button to add recipients from existing databases. The Subject field allows you to enter information that will appear in the Subject field of the fax cover page. Use the Billback Code field to associate a bill back code with the fax. If the Make money leisure suit larry is running in individual account mode, the Cover Page field will allow you to select either corporate or personal cover pages.

If the Connector is running in shared account mode, only corporate cover pages are available. Use of copier, scanner and MFP devices for faxing. Seamless integration of faxing with existing network and email systems. An intuitive, user-friendly fax interface. Quick deployment and ease of administration. FaxPress Administrator Client Software — Used to configure and manage FaxPress servers.

Must reside on the same networked PC as the eCopy ShareScan OP Services Manager. Consists of an MMC snap-in and a DLL that implements the Connector functionality. Resides on the same networked PC as the eCopy ShareScan OP Services Manager. Fax Server Configuration MMC Snap-In — The Castelle Fax Server Configuration MMC Snap-In, added to the eCopy Admin Console, is used to configure the Properties of the FaxPress eCopy Connector. Resides packing jobs from home adelaide the same networked PC as the eCopy ShareScan OP Services Manager and FaxPress eCopy Connector.

Installing the ShareScan OP Software. See your ShareScan OP documentation. Installing the FaxPress Administrator client.

See Installing FaxPress Clients for details. Installing the FaxPress eCopy Connector from the FaxPress Setup CD-ROM.

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Configuring the eCopy Connector using the eCopy ShareScan OP Administration console. This is only required to enable the shared account mode. See Creating User Accounts for information on how does job recruiter make money accounts.

Configuring the Connector for individual account mode does not require a dedicated account. See Phone Book Integration for more information. Log on to the workstation as supervisor or as a user with supervisor privileges. Place the Castelle FaxPress CD-ROM in a CD-ROM capable drive.

The Castelle FaxPress Setup will launch automatically. Select the FaxPress software version compatible with your current server software. Click Administrator Installation to access the Add On Products folder and install the Connector. In the next Select Components screen, select Add On Products. Select FaxPress eCopy Connector. Launch the eCopy ShareScan OP Administration console.

The FaxPress Connector appears in the list of available connectors. Open the FaxPress Connector. Use the Defaults button to modify the default settings.

Select the Configure tab. The Configure tab provides a number of configuration options. The Connector can save one configuration or multiple configuration profiles. If there are multiple FaxPress servers on the network, use the Server List to select a FaxPress server. The Tracing tab allows you to specify a log file location and also allows you to select the frequency and the way the log files are created.

All fax transactions are logged in a log file. Daily — A new log file is created each day. Unlimited File size — The connector will always use the same log file, no matter what the size is. When the size reaches a certain size — A new log file is created only when the previous file reaches a given limit. Place the document into the feeder or onto the scan bed. In the ShareScan OP interface, select the Scan to FaxPress button. The conditional Authentication window appears only if the Connector is configured for individual account mode rather than shared account mode.

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If the Authentication interface appears, enter your FaxPress account user name and password in the User Name and Password fields. The scan status interface provides a visual account of your scanned fax document.

Use the Next button to enter fax sender and recipient information and begin transmission. Use the Scan More button to include additional pages or documents.

Use the Stop button to return to the initial ShareScan OP interface shown in step 1. The Connector does not use the Settings and Advanced buttons. The Send interface allows you to enter the information required for fax transmission. Only the recipient fax number is mandatory; the other fields provide optional information that will appear on the fax cover page. The Recipient Information interface allows you enter a recipient NameCompany and Fax Number.

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This information will appear on the fax cover page. Only the fax number is required. Click OK to return to the Send interface.

Using the Phone Book button provides access to fax recipients from a variety of database sources.

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Use the Select View pulldown menu to choose a phone book, then use the To drop-down list to select recipients.

With the look-ahead search feature, you may. In the Document Sent Successfully window, selecting the Done button allows you to exit the Connector interface and return to the initial ShareScan OP window shown in step 1. Selecting the New Document button allows you to send additional documents using the same sender and recipient settings from the previous job. Selecting the New Destination button allows you to send the same document to additional recipients. FaxPress WebHelp Last Updated: Castelle Jarvis Drive, Suite Morgan Hill, CA Toll-free

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